ShiftRO is a private Ragnarok Online server financed, managed, and administrated by myself (with staff members). ShiftRO is community driven and tries to maximize on the game's social aspect. ShiftRO stayed in testing for a month before release. With the help of staff members and members of the Agent-Gamer.com community forum, most features and bugs were fixed in the testing period. ShiftRO launched to the public on June 3, 2007.

ShiftRO launched on June 3, 2007

On June 30, 2007 a full ShiftRO client downloader was published for users. This allowed a much simpler way for users to get the game working on the private server.

ShiftRO popularity dwindled from small to non-existant by early August of '07, and with a tight pocketbook and less time to devote to working on ShiftRO, I decided it was time to permanently suspend the project. Thus, ShiftRO closed its doors on August 10, 2007 and remains closed today.



"Private" meaning ShiftRO is not an official server for the game, but a player-run one.