The Kujila.com Bittorent Tracker

The Kujila.com Bittorrent Tracker was, as its name implies, a Bittorrent tracker. I ran the tracker from my home, and it ran quite well for a time. After a couple weeks, I began to notice the program was constantly crashing. When I investigated further, I was told that the server software I was using had issues with Windows as a host OS. I was forced to temporarily closed the tracker.

A few days later, I attempted to install Linux onto the computer running the tracker, but, sadly, the hard-drive failed during the install, and the tracker was laid to rest permanently.

There are no plans to host a Bittorrent tracker again.

Various Screenshots:

The ole' KujilaBT logo, in all her glory :)
The Kujila.com Bittorrent Tracker Logo