Albeit "Kujila" is not the most common username online, there are a few folks who decided to use it other than me.

I have actually been contacted from my website here in regards to these other people, especially this infamous "GameFaqs" Kujila

The following "Kujila's" are not (and have nothing to do with) me:

Various French Dragonball Z Websites (The origin of the username altogether)
Various European Dragonball Z Websites (2)
"Aquarium DS : Kujila Version" (2)
Gamespot Kujila
GameFaqs Kujila (Often mistaken for me)
Youtube Kujila
Myfavoritegames.com Kujila
Various Japanese Websites (2)
"Dance and Stomp" (What the heck?) Kujila
German website

Other "Kujila" users you find online may or may not be me. Keep in mind there's a handful of them on the internet. Do not be fooled; they are imposters and will not give you free candy.