"BYOND" or "Build Your Own Net Dream" is a software suite that allows for creating, playing, and hosting games. More information about BYOND can be found here on Wikipedia.

During the summer of '02 ... I started developing a modified version of the online-multiplayer game Dragonball Zeta. Knowing nothing of programming, I sat down as a young teen and figured out the syntax of BYOND's language. After many hours of trial-and-error, I ended up slapping together a few new features onto the existing game; I dubbed the Zeta modification "DBZ: Majins and Mystics". DBZ:MM endured a long run, and at the time I enjoyed maintaining something that others could enjoy. Eventually, after less than a year of development, I become "burned out" with maintaining the game, and soon quit development altogether.

I ended up releasing the official source code to the public, and it remained online until BYOND removed their file hosting abilities. After the end of the "official" mod, many third-parties took it upon themselves to keep the game going. Scores upon scores of DBZ:MM mods arose, and some still linger around to this day ("Today" is March 26, 2007)

The game itself was nothing of glamour, due mostly in part to my lack of understanding of programming fundamentals; I was fourteen at the time.

Sadly, the original hub entry (Published game page) was deleted by BYOND Staff members when they were cleaning the hub. Most of my original information about Majins and Mystics was lost, along with download and player statistics.

During the time during and after Majins and Mystics, I also started working on other, less-successful poorly made games. Such games included DBZ: Eclipsing Revenge, Anime Offensive, Covert Strife, and Kujiji.

The games' source codes are also freely available under a Public Domain license. I do not provide compiled versions of these games any longer, so if you desire to see them, you must compile them yourself.

Please note that I had no idea what I was doing when creating and/or modifying these BYOND programs; I was young and inexperienced. These programs are poorly documented and poorly created. Do what you will with them!


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